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Advance Systems provides state-of-the-art employee management systems for intelligent organisations seeking to save time and money. Features Include:

Time and Attendance

Our technologically advanced methods enable your organisation to collect, track, and manage employee working hours in minimal time, without errors. Suited for organisations of all sizes, Advance Systems Time and Attendance Software can be customised to suit your organization’s specific needs.

Absence Tracking

Tracking constantly changing vacation, sick, and personal time is easier than ever with our fully integrated product. Management can track and analyse abscences with just a few clicks of the mouse, and employees can monitor their own absences as well. The system can be configured to store your organisation’s policies, so that management is notified when an employee is in danger of violating company absence policies. Because Advance Systems stores absences in a way that can be easily accessed by both management and employees, absences are often reduced.

Rostering Software

Rostering is easier and more cost effective than ever with Advance Systems Time and Attendance Software. The system enables you to create schedules while taking pay rates, skill, and availability into consideration. The result is that profitability improves, while costs are reduced.

Mobile Workforce Management

More organizations than ever are realizing the benefits of a mobile workforce. But the downside to a mobile workforce is that time and attendance can be difficult to track, and overpayments and other costly errors occur. Advance Systems Time and Attendance Software enables employees to clock in and out, request and explain absences, and view vacation and sick time balances from cell phones, laptop computers, and tablet. GPS coordinates enable management to view employee locations.

Employee Self Service

Advance Systems Time and Attendance puts employees in the driver’s seat by allowing them to manage their own time. Employees use desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, or tablets to clock in and out. Data is immediately sent to the system, where it can be viewed and analysed by managers and supervisors in real time. Employees can also view their own data, and can request time off, ask to swap shifts, note their availability to work, and communicate with managers and supervisors directly through the system.

Cloud Hosted Solution

Advance Systems Time and Attendance System is a cloud-hosted solution, which means organisations can enjoy the benefits of an intelligence time tracker without the hassle of having to purchase costly equipment. Companies simply rent the software from Advance Systems on a monthly basis. Because there is no additional equipment to purchase, most organisations can be up and running in as little as a few days.

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